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They also co founded Integrated Risk Management Services in 2005.

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“We are in the smart device technology now.

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US, Huawei Technologies Co.

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home security companies houston

Functionality described herein is representative of particular implementations of smart devices, control applications running on representative electronic devices such as a smart phone, hub devices 180, and servers coupled to hub devices via the Internet or other Wide Area Network. All or a portion of this functionality and associated operations can be performed by any elements of the described system—for example, all or a portion of the functionality described herein as being performed by an implementation of the hub device can be performed, in different system implementations, in whole or in part on the server, one or more connected smart devices and/or the control application, or different combinations thereof. FIG. 2B illustrates a representative operating environment in which a server system 164 provides data processing for monitoring and facilitating review of events e. g. , motion, audio, security, etc.

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Do not use birth dates and names of family members or pets.

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